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Schmincke provides two artist quality oil colour ranges as well as the metallic Oil Bronzes. Mussini is a resin-oil colour range of exceptional quality which allows you to paint like the old masters. Norma Professional is an environmentally friendly range of artist quality oils. The Oil Bronzes are artist quality real metallic oils providing exceptional brilliance and longevity. A wide range of grounds, mediums, binders and solvents are also available to enhance your painting.

Mussini Oil

Exceptional Artist Quality
Resin Oil Colours

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Norma Professional Oils

Artist Quality
Modern Oil Colours

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Norma Blue Oils

Artist Quality
Water Mixable Oil Colours

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Oil Bronzes

Artist Quality
Real Metallic Oils

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Flake White Hue

Artist Quality
Non Toxic Flake White

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Artist Quality
Enhance Oil Colours

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Sizes and Primers

Artist Quality
Surface Preparation

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Artist Quality
Oils & Resin

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Artist Quality
Thinning & Clean Up

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Artist Quality
Protection for your paintings

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