Our Story

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Our story involves a love of art, a newsagency, and a passion for what can be described as 'Boutique Fine Art Supplies'.

During 2006 Stephen & Joanne Evely took over the Adamstown Newsagency located in Newcastle Australia and soon started looking for new products to offer and ways they could serve the community. Art supplies seemed like a natural fit for Stephen & Joanne and after a tentative first few steps they were overwhelmed with the response.
Newcastle already had a reasonably decent general art store so Stephen & Joanne decided to concentrate on providing more variety for the local artists. As they continued to build their range they very quickly realised there was a great interest in 'hard to find' or 'boutique' art supplies. This was, initially, most apparent in the area of soft pastels.



The pent up interest in soft pastels from local artists and the fact that Stephen & Joanne had fallen in love with the colours of soft pastels eventually led to the best range of soft pastels in Australia being built up. From here word spread and after many requests our specialist web site at softpastels.com.au was launched during 2013.

One of the first soft pastel lines carried by Stephen & Joanne was Schmincke. The quality of the Schmincke Soft Pastels had impressed Stephen & Joanne greatly and they started to build their ranges of other Schmincke art materials for the shop. They soon realised that artists were seeking them out for Schmincke products and they were receiving a great number of requests for those 'hard to find' items.

The seed had been planted and Stephen & Joanne quietly worked towards building the range until they were in a position to provide a specialst service for artists who love Schmincke products as much as they do. It may have taken eight years but Berlin Blue is the result. We hope you enjoy it.

When you choose Berlin Blue you can be assured you are dealing with genuine people who are more than happy to help, who are interested in your questions and who want you to be happy with the service provided. You can also be assured that if any problems do arise they will be personally attended to and sorted out as quickly as possible.

Stephen & Joanne would like to thank you for visiting Berlin Blue and extend their personal philosophy to you that all customers will be treated as if they were a friend.