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Liquid charcoal allows you to paint with charcoal. It is very similar in consistency and working properties to artist grade gouache. The Liquid Charcoal can be diluted with water to achieve different shades and texture and can be used for many artistic techniques. It is available in three unique shades of black which are made by charring different fruit seeds and stones. The shades are Neutral Peach, Brownish Cherry Pit Black and Cool Bluish Grape Seed Black


sch_lc_3x5ml    Introductory Set of Three 5ml Tubes                  $24.95   

sch_lc_peach    Neutral Peach    35ml Tube               $44.95   
sch_lc_cherry    Brownish Cherry Pit Black    35ml Tube               $44.95   
sch_lc_grape    Cool Bluish Grape Seed Black    35ml Tube               $44.95