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Solvents are used to thin oil paints and mediums as well as for cleaning brushes and tools. There are both organic and synthetic alternatives.


sch_50023025    Terpin    60ml               $17.95   
sch_50023026    Terpin    200ml               $27.50   
sch_50023029    Terpin    1000ml               $94.95   

sch_50024025    Gum Spirit of Turpentine    60ml               $17.95    In Store Only
sch_50024026    Gum Spirit of Turpentine    200ml               $37.50    In Store Only

sch_50102025    Oil of Turpentine Refined    60ml               $15.95    In Store Only
sch_50102026    Oil of Turpentine Refined    200ml               $29.95    In Store Only

sch_50019025    Turpentine subsitute    60ml               $13.95    In Store Only
sch_50019026    Turpentine subsitute    200ml               $22.50    In Store Only

sch_50013025    Citrus Terpin    60ml               $13.95    In Store Only
sch_50013026    Citrus Terpin    200ml               $27.50    In Store Only

sch_50026025    Dilutent N    60ml               $15.95    In Store Only
sch_50026026    Dilutent N    200ml               $29.95    In Store Only

sch_50051025    Brush Cleaner Orange Turpene    60ml               $14.95    In Store Only
sch_50051026    Brush Cleaner Orange Turpene    200ml               $27.95    In Store Only

sch_50052025    Eco Brush Cleaner    60ml               $15.95    In Store Only
sch_50052026    Eco Brush Cleaner    200ml               $29.95    In Store Only